Theatre Longview began with a small group of theater enthusiasts who dreamed of bringing live theatre to Longview. Organization began in 2011 and it was officially founded in 2012. It was recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization as of January 1, 2012.



Steve Boyd

James Harding

Perry Langenstien

Barbara McClellan

Mitzi Milstein

Rusty Milstein

Linda Rumfield

Diana Rushing

Jim Wisenbaker




     Theatre Longview engages, inspires, entertains and challenges audiences with theatrical productions that will train and support the next generation of theater artists. Theatre Longview will provide arts education programs that promote life-long learning to a diverse community as well as celebrate the essential power of theater.





     Our goal is to present live theatre in Longview, Texas by providing an opportunity for those of all ages to showcase their talents and to participate in the joys of theater because we believe art makes an important contribution to a healthy community.