2022-2023 Season Audition Dates

Stay tuned for upcoming auditions!!



Participation in auditions does not guarantee a role in the production.

All actors are required to be at load-in, strike, and every rehearsal unless conflicts are noted on their audition forms.



The director will be looking for actors with individuality, energy, and the ability to take direction.

While reading excerpts from the script, actors are encouraged to perform actions

and dialogue that will best represent the characters in the show. 

This will help the directors determine which role may be best for you.


Be prepared to read from the script.  No monologues, please.

Please consider trying multiple characters, not just the one you intend on auditioning for.

Also come prepared to laugh and have a good time!  

Please bring a resume of prior theatrical or acting experience as well as a recent photo/headshot of yourself.

(These will not be returned to you).


Check the rehearsal dates and performance dates for scheduling conflicts.

Be sure to list all conflicts on your Audition Information Sheet.

Additional Information


At the sign-in table, fill in and submit your Audition Sheet, resume, and head shot.

Auditions are closed--only those auditioning are permitted in the audition room.


You will participate in readings from the script so be willing to “try” any direction the audition panel may give you.